Ok so I’m at a local store, and my kids had to go to bathroom! I didn’t think about it twice and took both my boys into the women’s r.r. As where washing hands a lady comes in and points to my older son( who is 10 and has autism) and says ” don’t you think his a little to old to be here!!” So I looked at her, thinking about how to carefully respond to her without being a bitch! So I said” no, mam I don’t think he’s too old, first because where in a public place and I’m not sure who or what is in the men’s rr and most importantly my son has autism so I will not send my son to a public men’s rr” I continued washing, drying hands and tried to go on with my business. Well apparently she wasn’t done! She went on to tell me I was disrespectful!! And she didn’t see anything wrong with my child! So then I said ” oh it’s the way I dress him” ( sorry I just had too) so that apparently threw her over the edge. To make the long story short she went to complain to the store manager. I was then approach by the manager who apologized to me!he was a total sweetheart! But then I ask my self what did I say that triggered this lady? And secondly am I wrong for not sending my child to the men’s restroom! Please help with some advice….


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  1. Tisa Berry said:

    Most of the time, people won’t be as ignorant as the person you met m at the store and many will be quite understanding. However, the best option is a family restroom, which 9 out of ten times is unavailable. An easy explanation to anyone who says anything would be, “My child has autism. It impairs his (i.e. Decision making skills, speech, social interaction, any of those should fit. Sorry, I don’t know too much, I’m new to your blog). And I do not feel comfortable letting my son go into the men’s room alone.” We had this problem as the LC I work at with out 14 year old with cerebral palsy. And we simply explained a little about his disability and why he was in the women’s restroom and they understood. If they say more or harass you further, a little sarcasm typically gets the job done.

  2. Mireya Romero said:

    Thank you so much for the post. It was very informative.

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