Back at it 

My son was diagnosed with autism almost 8 years ago! I still remember that day like it was yesterday! That feeling of not being able to speak, bc someone was sucking all the air out! I swore to my self that I would do anything and everything to help him! Bought dozens of books to educate my self, asked for second and third opinions. And then it hit me! Nothing or nobody could prepare you for this! No matter how much I read or who I saw. They couldn’t tell me what would happened tomorrow. They couldn’t prepare me for this journey!! The ups the downs, taking one step forward and three steps backwards. I don’t know how many times I heard “he’ll never”. The heart break I felt every time I would see the frustration in his eyes. Battle after battle I never gave up. I tried everything homeopathic, gluten free. And nothing worked.Was disappointed with ABA, when I realized my son was just another client to them! But then I decided I can’t give up! That’s not an option. I will fight because he deserves it! So where back at it with ABA. And hopefully this time around we can continue to move forward. Will keep you guys updated! 


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