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Stop The “R” word

Ok so I’m picking up my kids from daycare and I hear one boy say “stop it , your so r******” and I stop and look in total shock! I mean common what are we teaching our children why is it so funny to use that word in a jokingly manner. I honestly didn’t pay attention to why they said it! I just couldn’t believe they thought it was so funny I mean I thought we were all passed using that word in a offensive/ non offensive manner! As an educator and as a parent I would never allow my students or my kids to use the word! But then I asked myself what do we tell them, when they ask why?. I have a special needs child so I can think of a couple things to say , but what about those parents that do not? So I’m thinking that we have to make the parents aware too! Of why we shouldn’t use that word! Why does it offend me, why am I saddened that these youngster boys think it’s so funny. They will ask these questions and more…so our jobs as parents is to make them see why they shouldn’t use this word at all… So here is where I need your help ….. What would you tell a parent of why we shouldn’t
use the “r” word ….. And please be nice πŸ˜‰




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January 2014 -united

There shouldn’t be a division in our community, our beliefs are ours and for that we need to show respect. I do not know what caused my child’s autism and I have come to terms that I may never know I respect everyone that has come my way. Listening and understanding to everyone’s struggle has given me strength to become the mother that my child needs so whether or not you believe vaccines caused autism or not we need to agree to disagree we all have so many things in common our daily battles, ieps,sleepless nights, therapies doctors appointments etc. my struggles are not less or more then your struggles so I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in and I would hope you do the same for me! We need to stay strong and stay united because in the end were all warriors …..

To hold or not to hold???

My son Was put in a “child hold” position which means he was held down for at least 30 min. And then you have the balls to tell me your life was in danger! WTF your life is in danger right now! With me not with him, I can’t wrap my head around what just happen did you think I was not going to say anything that I would let it go when I see his eyes filled with desperation and all he wants is his mommy yes I’m going to intervene and stop it called everyone who you work for! That’s my job as his mother to advocate for his rights and you just violated us! There is no excuse for sending a half ass therapist to my household who is not trained correctly there are so many other things you could have done to prevent him from escalating but you went south and held him down! Yes I feel bad that my son kicked you and your sweating like a pig but he just wanted to get out. I do regret letting it go on for so long… I should of came in earlier but then you try to justify yourself and say my son came after you with what??? Your job as a special needs therapist is to be prepared and not take things personal didn’t they teach you that I would have never let him hurt you! So don’t try to lie in my face and say you felt threatened feel threatened now bc please believe that once I see out in the street you’ll know what a warrior mom is all about!! I can’t believe that your trying to justify what you just did! I don’t understand how people actually do this I start to wonder what about those children who don’t have the words to yell help! I can only imagine what there parents might feel…. Angel was verbal until almost 4 so I consider my self lucky that he’s verbal and able to tell me when someone hurt him. I’m so mad; mad at you,mad at my self , mad at the company, mad at autism I’ve been dealing with his meltdowns for 9 years and I’ve never had to hold him down like that. I’ve had chairs thrown at me , pinched ,punched ,kicked, bitten on and yet have learned other ways to deal with his behavior and you the so called expert hold him down and expect me to be okay with it hell no. And what bothers me the most is that you lied! Telling our SC, angel was going to hit you! Common be a man! And admit you went too far! You could have prevented this! You made a mistake! I don’t feel bad your on probation again! I also don’t think firing you is the right thing what needs to happen is ABA companies need to train their staff better! Sending them to training isn’t enough! Each child is different so they need to be well experienced. Learn how to deal with each individual,learn what’s appropriate. Have options that way you learn to make choices in matter of seconds. so you need to know what your doing to make the best choice.
December 2013

Cube (March 2013)

He’s amazing he took apart a cube, and he was persistent and build it back together his way. Each tiny piece one by one. Because it was wrong before and now its correct! I so want to get into that brain and see what amazing things it has in there he surprises and I’m so proud of every single day, take that autismπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š


Tim Howard: Fan of soccer βš½οΈβš½οΈβš½οΈ

Proof that anything is possible! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺTim Howard:goalie for the USA team and who performed awesome in the World cup 2014! But for those who don’t know Tim has Tourette syndrome which is a neurological disorder! So there you have it, proof that just because we label children does not mean that they won’t go on into the world and shine! So let’s continue to be our children’s biggest advocate and help them break down those walls!!



Please be patient I’m new to all this , so it’s taking me some time to figure it out! But I’m hoping I’ll get it together in the next few days !!πŸ˜‰

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