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Ok so I’m at a local store, and my kids had to go to bathroom! I didn’t think about it twice and took both my boys into the women’s r.r. As where washing hands a lady comes in and points to my older son( who is 10 and has autism) and says ” don’t you think his a little to old to be here!!” So I looked at her, thinking about how to carefully respond to her without being a bitch! So I said” no, mam I don’t think he’s too old, first because where in a public place and I’m not sure who or what is in the men’s rr and most importantly my son has autism so I will not send my son to a public men’s rr” I continued washing, drying hands and tried to go on with my business. Well apparently she wasn’t done! She went on to tell me I was disrespectful!! And she didn’t see anything wrong with my child! So then I said ” oh it’s the way I dress him” ( sorry I just had too) so that apparently threw her over the edge. To make the long story short she went to complain to the store manager. I was then approach by the manager who apologized to me!he was a total sweetheart! But then I ask my self what did I say that triggered this lady? And secondly am I wrong for not sending my child to the men’s restroom! Please help with some advice….


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