Today I had Angel’s parent conference and lets just say it all went well until I was informed by his general Ed teacher that his minutes were reduced in math by the rsp teacher! And I was in total disbelief 😱😱 wtf how can one person do that without consulting me! Who are you to decide what’s best for my child?? Hello lady there’s an Iep in place. Which is a legal document which for your information I can actually sue the school if there not doing what it states! I mean it’s common sense! And to make it worse she just leaves his progress report in a envelope! And can’t even make an appointment to meet with me! Hello where are your manners or professionalism! I mean what About if I didn’t speak the English language or if I was not familiar with technical terms that are used! So what do I do… I walk to the principals office and demand to see her! And yes I was respectful with a little sarcasm. But you should’ve seen there faces when I said the words “sue” and “lawyer” and when the principal called this so call teacher! To my surprise her answer for when the principal asked “why didn’t you schedule an appointment with…” This lady said “I wanted to save her a trip, since his iep is next month” I literally fell of my chair! Wtf your not saving me a trip! I’m a very hands on parent so you best believe that if needed I’ll be here everyday! I just can’t believe it!!where are we hiring this people why aren’t we training them correctly! This is how our money is being spent! I’m so fed up, with people assuming.. Don’t assume that your saving me a trip or time, don’t assume I understand, i want to be well informed so I can ask the right questions. It really bothers me that teachers take advantage and make decisions without consulting us! Decisions that involve my child will always be my concern so don’t assume I’m not a hands on parent, bc best believe I will have your job if it really comes down to it! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š


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