Stop The “R” word

Ok so I’m picking up my kids from daycare and I hear one boy say “stop it , your so r******” and I stop and look in total shock! I mean common what are we teaching our children why is it so funny to use that word in a jokingly manner. I honestly didn’t pay attention to why they said it! I just couldn’t believe they thought it was so funny I mean I thought we were all passed using that word in a offensive/ non offensive manner! As an educator and as a parent I would never allow my students or my kids to use the word! But then I asked myself what do we tell them, when they ask why?. I have a special needs child so I can think of a couple things to say , but what about those parents that do not? So I’m thinking that we have to make the parents aware too! Of why we shouldn’t use that word! Why does it offend me, why am I saddened that these youngster boys think it’s so funny. They will ask these questions and more…so our jobs as parents is to make them see why they shouldn’t use this word at all… So here is where I need your help ….. What would you tell a parent of why we shouldn’t
use the “r” word ….. And please be nice πŸ˜‰



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  1. Autism Stars said:

    😑😑😑😑 r

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